MP Charlotte Leslie’s welcome stance on whistleblowing

charlotte leslie mpAs the BBC records the coroner’s verdict on deaths at Orchid View, a ‘care’ home now closed down, radio news today mentioned a move to improve the lot of sincere whistleblowers by Charlotte Leslie, versatile Member of Parliament for the Bristol North West constituency. She called for ministers to launch an inquiry into how whistle-blowers are treated, in the wake of the Orchid View care home scandal.

Whistleblowers have been featured on this site, recently in February, March this year, three times in August & October 2012, December 2011 and on earlier dates.

Whistleblowers lose their jobs but confirmed culprits are still employed

Lisa Martin, who informed police of the situation at Orchid View, said she felt she had no choice but to come forward. Speaking outside the inquest, she said: “I had witnessed too much poor management and care to vulnerable adults”.

Though, during the inquest, the coroner said it was a cause for concern that many people who worked at Orchid View were still employed in the industry, we note that Lisa, who had rendered this public service, has not been able to get work for two years.

Charlotte Leslie’s forceful salvo in May:

“I am sickened to hear that David Nicholson will be retiring in March 2014”. She added that while whistle-blowers who raised serious concerns about patient safety were sacked, and had their careers ruined, this man walks away with a large public sector pension. She lists some of her concerns that Nicholson:

–          misled Select Committees,

–          did not intervene as promised in whistle-blowing cases,

–          implied those raising concerns about mid-staffs were simply ‘lobbying’

–          and who presided over the culture of fear and bulling in the NHS.

She continues: “In the meantime, Sir David has ensured that he is succeeded by his friends, appointing Dame Barbara Hakin as his deputy – a woman who is facing possible investigation for stifling the whistleblower Gary Walker.

“Our NHS is not a system. It is the people who work in it. David Nicholson has lost the trust of those who actually deliver healthcare and look after patients – doctors and nurses, and those effective managers.

“How can we herald in a new era of trust, transparency and accountability when the man who not only presided over, but in the eyes of many health care professionals concerned for patients safety, has became synonymous with that very culture of bullying, targets at all costs, and covering the facts is at the helm.

“It is a terrible indictment of our political system that he has not already been fired. It is an even worse indictment that in an era where we talk about accountability, he should walk away to an enormous pension, funded by the public”.

anti corruption APPG header

In the account of the September APPG proceedings, ‘CL’ said that rewards risk undermining the moral basis for whistleblowing. A far better way to encourage whistleblowing might be to understand the psychology of those who blow the whistle rather than introducing monetary incentives.

Also, when trying to promote whistleblowers perhaps attention should also be paid to the organisation. The right organisation will welcome whistleblowers.





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  1. Sameena Bashir

    I was a deputy head teacher in a primary school who witnessed fraud, corruption and bullying in my school, instigated in the main by local council employees who were working at the school.

    When I raised my concerns I was subjected to the most appalling harassment by senior council officers. They supported three other members of staff in raising false grievances against me and have lied to a tribunal stating that those grievances were raised prior to my complaint. I have documentary evidence to validate that these claims are false.

    I was threatened by the local authority solicitor.

    The abuse against me was endless and I have evidence of each fact.

    I attempted suicide on several occasions because of this.

    I whistle blew to the department for education and now have evidence that the local authority lied to them and have covered up fraud, cronyism and nepotism.

    I was sacked for doing this.

    These people have got away with it because they are in positions of authority and can lie. Is that truly the society we live in?

    My life and career have been destroyed because I stood up to tell the truth. I will ensure that the truth is known and need someone to listen.

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