Fracking: is the corporate – political alliance skewing decision-making?

We read that Cuadrilla boss and government employee Lord John Browne used his position within the Cabinet Office, meeting senior government officials to press for advantages for Cuadrilla Resources and now lobbying companies have successfully continued the pressure behind the scenes.

Despite the potentially serious environmental and social impacts of this harmful practice, British Gas owner Centrica has decided to invest in Cuadrilla’s fracking operations in Lancashire.

  • In the absence of a global cap on emissions any shale gas extracted will be used as well as, not instead of, coal and other fossil fuels, pushing us ever closer to runaway climate change.
  • In addition, fracking poses a serious contamination risk to groundwater, uses vast quantities of fresh water and produces similar volumes of waste water, all of which must be transported in thousands of road tankers, thundering through our towns and villages and damaging roads that will need to be fixed at taxpayers’ expense.
  • House prices have reportedly dropped by 24% near fracking sites in America, and there are already reports of people struggling to sell their houses in affected areas of Lancashire. And almost all experts now agree that fracking won’t bring down our energy bills.

cuadrilla 'fracking facility'Lancashire activist Gwen Harrison recently set up a 38 degrees petition.

She asks readers who are in sympathy to go to, and consider switching to a frack-free energy supplier.

It takes just 3 minutes and sends a very clear message to British Gas and other energy companies who support fracking  (Cuadrilla ‘facility’ left).



.The suppliers are:

Ecotricity – hope their admin problems are now resolved
Good Energy
Coop Energy
LoCO2 Energy
Ovo Energy
Green Energy UK

Interesting . . .



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