Bad decisions by government – 37: destroying Libyan fresh water pipeline

David Halpin wrote in 2011:

“Our dubious actions in Libya, not only destabilised that country but were also the cause of the destruction of the fresh water system established by Gaddaffi taking water from under the Sahara to the major cities . . . Not only did the missiles destroy that pipeline but the factory making the pipes was also destroyed”.

Global Research covered the subject in May this year:

“In 1983 the Great Man-Made River Authority was set up. This fully government funded project was designed in five phases, each of them largely separate in itself, but which eventually would combine to form an integrated system. As water in Gaddafi’s Libya was regarded to be a human right, there has not been any charge on the people, nor were any international loans needed for the almost $30 billion cost of the project . . . Read more about the project here.

 Libya pipes in the trench 3

“In July 2011, NATO not only bombed the Great Man-Made River water supply pipeline near Brega, but also destroyed the factory that produces the pipes to repair it, claiming in justification that it was used as “a military storage facility” and that “rockets were launched from there”. Six of the facility’s security guards were killed in the NATO attack, and the water supply for the 70% of the population who depend on the piped supply for personal use and for irrigation has been compromised with this damage to Libya’s vital infrastructure . . . 

“A ‘democratic’ and ‘democracy-bringing’ government that came to power through the wounding and killing of thousands of Libyans by ‘humanitarian bombs’, and that overthrow the ‘dictator’ whose dream it was to provide fresh water for all Libyans for free”.

2013: David Halpin continues: “Now we are asked to pay to supply water to Africa, when the cost of those destructive missiles would have provided sufficient pipes to take water to the whole of Africa AND create a decent sewage system”.
Bad decision? Criminal?



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