Will government dare to block Big Pharma’s profit pathway?

As assertions are made about bowing to the drinks and tobacco lobbies, a reader alerts PCU to news of a warning from the British Medical Association; the costs of fifteen vital treatments are rising so much that the NHS can no longer afford them.

Under the Government’s Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS) the Department of Health negotiates the price for a patented medicine. 

The ‘market’ at work

When the patent expires, drug manufacturers sell the marketing rights and purchasing firms may then rebrand the drug and sell it back to the NHS at a higher price.

$RBCH2NJSanchez Manning in the Independent cites one of the worst cases: Pfizer’s epilepsy drug Epanutin, prescribed to about 100,000 patients was increased by 24 times the original price after resale, from 67p per 50mg to almost £16.

A Department of Health spokeswoman commented: “Some medicines fall outside these systems and we are working to see how the NHS can get a better deal on these products.”


Will government serve its electorate – or friendly corporations?




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