A Lancashire farmer: “We are ruled by an inner circle within a financially driven and ruthlessly competitive establishment.

GM food for the hoi polloi?

The Financial Times reports that though prime minister David Cameron supports Owen Paterson’s advocacy of GM crops, saying there was no evidence that they were inherently unsafe, Downing Street declined to say whether the prime minister would feed such foods to his family.

From the farming sector – said to be so eager to adopt this technology:

I went into my local ironmongers on Monday this week and was horrified to see displayed immediately inside the door a new stand promoting bottles of Roundup available for sale for a few pounds to any unsuspecting individuals when commercial users are regulated.

Yet another large, powerful and uncontrollable corporate body

It seems to me that like many of our social and environmental problems the root cause of this problem is yet another large, powerful and uncontrollable corporate body who acts publicly under cover of highly promoted yet misleading individual corporate responsibility and PR policies, while privately concerned only with maximising volume and numbers to increase personal profit and status disregarding the wider financial, social and environmental impact on others.

The inner circle at the top of corporate bodies and public departments within the establishment have been left largely to their own devices, largely unchecked by elected governing authorities while assisted by the complacent, the apathetic, the unsuspecting, the politically biased and the uninformed.

The unsuspecting, uninformed, and least powerful bear the risk & consequences

While all the risk and responsibility and consequence continues to be transferred, often through small print and disclaimers that may be lengthy and complicated, to the unsuspecting, the uninformed, and the least powerful.

Precious public resource is instead directed at easier more vulnerable targets like small business and individuals and covering issues of less risk or importance controlled through endless pointless or unhelpful regulations that are far easier to apply than tackling the more serious and complex issues within a system corrupted by large corporates on one hand, and top heavy public services on the other.

The lack of action over the extremely serious issue of glyphosate weedkiller – an integral part of Monsanto’s GM technology – is just part of the breakdown within an increasingly corrupt society where the weakest are manipulated and exploited by the propaganda of corporate authority, and the valuable deeds and opinions of the most responsible and conscientious individuals and front line workers count for very little when ruled by an inner circle within a financially driven and ruthlessly competitive establishment.



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  1. Genuine and precise information would be gratefully received by many of us who simply find odd bits of info by chance and no real authoritative sources seem to speak out where I happen to look. Profit seems a dirty word but should be absolutely possible within a safe environment. Anyone listening?????/

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