Riding to the rescue of GM companies: MPs Willetts, Paterson and Freeman

cavalry ride to the rescueThough Monsanto has announced its intention of  withdrawing from the EU, David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science, said to have been heavily lobbied by GM campaigners and scientists funded by the GM industry, continues to promote GM, insisting that biotech crops could feed the world – though more safely produced crops are already doing so.

He, MP George Freeman (APPG chair) and the environment secretary, Owen Paterson, are pushing for EU controls on new GM crops and food to be relaxed.  There will be rich ‘pickings’ – ‘food engineering’ is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. It now has an annual turnover of nearly £80 billion. It employs around 400,000 people across more than 7,000 businesses and creates 8,500 new products every year.

Key players are a few influential international food processing giants who control a wide range of well-known food brands.

Is Mr Willetts  driven by finance, hubris – or both?

From 1982 he was in charge of Treasury monetary policy and appears to think along lines pleasing to the financial world – noting the donations from Rothschilds, JP Morgan and large insurance companies in his entry in the register of members’ interests.

The advent of GM cultivation in Britain, involving patented GM seeds and expensive chemicals, would undoubtedly lead to a large increase in profits for companies such as Monsanto, Bayer CropScience, BASF and Syngenta, currently feeling discouraged by EU controls and the bans imposed by Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg and Poland on the cultivation of Monsanto GM maize, MON 810.

‘Agri-Science’ is one of the ‘eight great technologies’ in which Mr Willetts believes Britain could ‘lead the world’.

Right-hand man MP George Freeman is a ‘vocal advocate’ of GM crops. Mr Freeman, who was Director of Early Stage Ventures at Merlin Biosciences, then CEO of Amedis Pharmaceuticals MP and, later, founder/chairman of 4D Biomedical Ltd, before entering parliament, now chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Science and Technology in Agriculture, funded by a grouping of industry organisations established in 1998 to support the introduction of GM crops in the UK.

In July 2011 the Prime Minister and the Science Minister David Willetts appointed Freeman ‘the entrepreneurs’ man in Westminster’, as Government Life Science Advisor . . .






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