Andrew Alexander’s insight

Amidst the appalling Daily Mail headline list there is the occasional gem of exploration, investigation and today – commonsense and humanity.

Andrew Alexander – ranked 6th in Total Politics 2011 rankings and author of America and the Imperialism of Ignorance: US Foreign Policy since 1945, writes:

“There are two ways to react to the brutal horror of the Woolwich murder.

“One is sheer anger and disgust plus a demand for tougher controls, even empowering the Government to eavesdrop on every citizen’s phone calls and email messages.

“The other is to use our brains and our imagination to understand why young Muslims can be easily ‘radicalised’, ie, turned into murderers.

“The spectacle at Woolwich may have been utterly disgusting. But was it any more appalling, Islamists can ask, than the spectacle of an Afghan child with its limbs blown off — and all because a CIA agent in Virginia had hit the ‘Go’ button for his drone to fire without being 100 per cent certain that the targeted gathering was a Taliban gang not a wedding party”.

Read on:

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