Soapbox for the 99%: the internet – a good servant but a bad master?


In the Financial Times, Singapore-based Chandran Nair, think-tank founder, businessman and environmental consultant, asks “Will the internet make the world ungovernable and dangerous, destroy innocence and speed resource depletion?”

  • It allows anyone to make their own bombs.
  • It can incite hatred.
  • It can mobilise instant protests without regard to the consequences.
  • It allows porn to reach every corner of the world.
  • It creates unmanageable industrial espionage that will end the idea of businesses operating ethically.
  • It ramps up the speed of consumption and reduces its costs.
He ends: “Is the internet not potentially one of the most dangerous creations by humans?

“Societies will need to control it, but policy makers dare not ask the right questions due to the tyranny of the liberal ideology of “freedom of information” and the risk of being labelled repressive”.

PCU: The internet and world wide web are excellent tools in good hands, but – in others – can be harmful.



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