Open letter to Welsh Minister Alun Davies: listen to food producers

Innocence, ignorance, or a political-corporate PR dodge to misrepresent farmers?

alun daviesSpeaking on the BBC’s Farming Today programme over the weekend, the Welsh Minister for Natural Resources and Food, Alun Davies – who lists his political interests as education, environment, arts and culture – suggested that dairy farmers needed to look at becoming more efficient rather than raising the price of milk to make a profit.

But at present most are not receiving costs of production plus overheads, so how can they maintain their buildings and equipment, let alone invest in improvements?

andrew hemmingIt cannot be repeated too often that dairy farmers seek a better share of margins NOT a higher price from consumers – as the late Andrew Hemming used tell the customers he met outside supermarkets whilst campaigning:

“You are paying a good price for milk, we don’t want you to pay more, we want a fair share of the profit margin”.

At present, middlemen buying and selling get large profits while the producers – without whom there would be no industry – work all hours and get an unfair return.

As dairy farmers continue to go to the wall because of these unethical practices, the same middlemen will rejoice – because they will then profit by bringing in cheap food from abroad with all the risks that entails.



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