FOR THE COMMON GOOD: an economist who specialised in business investment and management speaks from the heart

michael wilkesMichael Wilkes’ background is in academia and politics. He is said to have been the youngest professor of economics appointed at the University of Birmingham. After many years teaching business investment and management, he became a local government councillor and Deputy Liberal Democrat Leader in the city. Currently emeritus professor, he is working on the Birmingham Tolkien Strategy/Tolkein Heritage):

On another website he writes:

The distressed state of the economy is as much a moral problem as an economic one – although the economics alone are dire enough. Unless issues related to the absence of worthwhile values are resolved, the present circumstances are certain to persist, scandals will recur and the well-being of the population will continue to be neglected.

The values that are now regrettably lacking in society were once internalised by organisations as well as individuals. They were taken for granted and were largely unspoken. Citizens are now seen as gullible profits fodder fit for deception and exploitation rather than people to whom a genuine, valuable and above all trustworthy service is provided. The number of organisations that can be regarded as ethical is rapidly diminishing . . .

The key to the land of found content is a shared vision and a ‘citizenry of good intent’ in all their doings . . .

Before dismissing this as more head in the clouds ‘happiness theory’, note that he – like Professor Richard Layard – gives practical recommendations under the paper’s headings:

  • Regenerating the economy,
  • Getting there.
He affirms: “Outside of the governing class, the viperous sections of the press and the self-serving commercial elite, I believe that the willingness to work for the common good exists.” 

Do you?

Read two blogs and his paper here.

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