Britain’s special friend, the United States government – a really bad influence

Avoiding reference to undesirable cultural and economic influence, we focus on the skulduggery recorded in its own diplomatic records

Politically conservative Fox News recently touched on a few of the interventions the United States government has made over the last sixty years, in order to ‘maintain its vested interest’ in a number of countries throughout Latin America. It listed the installation of a military government in Guatemala in 1956, the 1973 military coup in Chile and the Iran Contra scandal in the 1980s, adding a reference to “a plot to destabilize the government of late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez by picking up the trash” revealed in newly-released private diplomatic documents.

Other sources go much further, naming Wikileaks as their source, though its website’s home page does not present this news. As yet, scrolling down the websites of three mainstream newspapers does not reveal this news, though the Mail does – without recording any of its more serious allegations.

The substance

william brownfield us diplomatIn a secret 2006 US cable published online by WikiLeaks, former ambassador to Venezuela, William Brownfield – now an Assistant Secretary of State – outlines a comprehensive plan to infiltrate and destabilize former President Hugo Chavez’ government with embassy objectives which included:

  • penetrating Chavez’ political base,
  • dividing Chavismo,
  • protecting vital US business
  • and isolating Chavez internationally.

The memo, which appears to be totally un-redacted, plainly states involvement in these core objectives by the US embassy, as well as the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), two agencies working abroad on behalf of the US. The People’s Record continues:

“According to Brownfield, who prepared the cable specifically for US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the majority of both USAID and OTI activities in Venezuela were concerned with assisting the embassy in accomplishing its core objectives of infiltrating and subduing Chavez’ political party . . .

“In total, USAID spent some one million dollars in organizing 3,000 forums that sought to essentially reconcile Chavez supporters and the political opposition, in the hopes of slowly weaning them away from the Bolivarian side”.

Subverting civil society

Brownfield recorded that an OTI civic education program, Democracy Among Us, was designed to work through NGOs in low income regions, and alleged that it had reached over 600,000 Venezuelans.

Between 2004 and 2006, USAID donated some 15 million dollars to over 300 organizations, and offered technical support via OTI in achieving US objectives which it categorized as seeking to reinforce democratic institutions.

Further interesting detail may be read by following the earlier link.

Following his re-election, President Chavez threatened to eject the US ambassador from Venezuela in 2007, amid accusations of interfering in internal state affairs.

Well justified it seems!



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