Our NATO kills – but Britain’s mainstream media and politicians prefer to focus on police compensation claims, legal aid curbs and welfare payouts

drone for general use

In an obscure position on the BBC’s website (at the time of writing), 10 children and two women are reported to be among the dead following a Nato air strike in eastern Afghanistan. A further six women are believed to have been injured in the incident in Shigal district, Kunar province.

America’s month of protests against targeted drone killings is under way. The protests announced at the end of March began on April 3rd.

While the British media headlines US job figures (FT), police compensation claims (Times), legal aid curbs (Telegraph) Labour focus on welfare payouts (Observer), Owner of dog that killed Jade (Sun) the protests are highlighted in media abroad, including the Russian, Pakistani and Turkish press – the latter reporting:

“A group called Grandmothers Against the War gathered in New York City on April 3 to protest the U.S. government’s use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones . . . the founder, Joan Wile, said she had organized the rally out of a sense of horror at the effects that U.S. drone strikes are having in countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan:

“I just found the whole thing so immoral . . . In this country, you’re presumed innocent until you’re found guilty. And here we were acting as judge, as jury, and executioner, without a trial.”

san diego gen atomics drone systems

The April 3rd rally is being followed by three days of protest outside the facilities of companies that make drones, including at San Diego-based General Atomics  (above) which makes Predator and Reaper drones.

On Friday, protesters, with a miniature drone as a prop, demonstrated in front of the La Jolla home of Neal Blue, chief executive of General Atomics and yesterday protests continued in downtown San Diego, reported in the Los Angeles Times.

Later in the month, protests will take place at universities and other institutions that conduct research into drones or help train drone pilots and operators.

At the end of the month, rallies and demonstrations will target military bases in the US from where drones operate, including Hancock air base near Syracuse, New York.


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