Incinerators 4: Gloucestershire County Council rejects plan

The accounts of the proposal to build an incinerator at Javelin Park in Gloucestershire have attracted many readers to this site.

glos incinerator imageTo date the news is that the application was unanimously refused by Gloucestershire County Council‘s planning committee which spent a whole day debating it.

There are some reports that Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) is ‘minded to appeal’ but Javier Peiro, its Project Director, said: “UBB is disappointed by the decision made by Gloucestershire’s Planning Committee today. UBB remains contracted to dispose of Gloucestershire’s residual waste and in light of this decision we are considering our options”.

If an appeal is made, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles will appoint a planning inspector to look at the application in greater detail and advise Mr Pickles on whether to support or overturn the refusal decision.

Local journalist Chris Warne summarises:

“The Javelin Park development was perhaps a grave miscalculation by the county council – seeking to impose a mass burn incinerator on a district like Stroud, with its proud tradition of protest and progressive thinking, especially on green issues.

“But if (Eric Pickles) truly believes in localism, he will respect the views of the parish, town, district and borough councils and more than 4,000 residents who expressed opposition to the scheme”.


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