If they had a scintilla of decency . . .


A reader sent a link to an article by Max Hastings, about three men who committed what seems to some of us a heinous political crime, concocting a false manifesto to justify taking Britain to war, with the loss of 179 British servicemen’s lives. He continues:

“Yet a decade on, not only are those responsible walking the streets of London as free men, but they are without shame . . .

Campbell’s off-camera behaviour, as a foul-mouthed bully, was brilliantly captured in the political satire The Thick Of It. But the man himself is nowadays welcomed into studios as if he was a national treasure . . .

“Why have we lost our capacity for anger? I suspect that much of the public is content to forgive these people not from Christian charity, but because it does not care much about anything any more . . .

“I spoke at a dinner last week at which a guest asked me how I would behave if Tony Blair walked in. There was obvious surprise and even disbelief when I said that I would decline to shake his hand . . .

(P)eople choose to forget. Political rage focuses instead on phone-message hackers from the Press. Yet at least their crimes, repulsive as they were, never killed anyone. That is more than can be said for those of the former tenant of Downing Street.”

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