While Huhne fiddles Britain burns: David Hencke sets media priorities in perspective

His blog mentions – amongst other coverage – the Guardian and Channel Four “mea culpa” interviews with Chris Huhne – one given according to the Standard to the journalist best man at his wedding, adding:

“What next? The creation of a Huhne concerto by piano playing Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger to commemorate the event or an Anna Wintour fashion show to raise cash for Vicky Pryce’s convalescence . . .”.

“No matter. My main point is that this is a distraction.

“While all this goes on thousands of people are being forced to move house because of cruel government policies, there is an epidemic of unsolved child abuse cases and the NHS appears to have let patients die unnecessarily on an epic scale.

“Literally While Huhne fiddles Britain burns”.



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  1. Ian from Scotland, by email:

    Or, while Huhne burns, Britain’s elite fiddle……

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