Civil society versus government and allied armourers . . .

home office security and policingGuildford Cathedral hosted Security & Policing’s “exclusive networking dinner” in 2012 and it was booked again for 2013, organised by ADS, the premier trade organisation advancing the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries.

Palantir logoSecurity & Policing is an annual event, sponsored this year by Palantir (defence electronics) and  organised by the Home Office and ADS. The government’s arms sales unit, UKTI DSO, is responsible for inviting international delegations.


security and policing dinner cathedral 2012


The UK Government event is the largest of its kind in the UK and provides a platform for showcasing world leading technologies, products and solutions to police services, government departments, organisations and agencies from the UK and overseas.

Notice that the defence sector is not explicitly included in the text though very much in evidence at the events and probably inspired the information that “Entry is restricted so as to enable “exhibitors to display products which would be too sensitive to show in a more open environment.”


 Civil Society


caatHowever, Guildford Cathedral, venue for the event’s Gala Dinner in 2012, has cancelled this year’s booking after Campaign Against Arms Trade raised ethical concerns with the church authorities.

In contrast with CAAT’s efforts to promote a healthier and more productive economy, vested interest in the political/military/industrial complex seizes every opportunity to increase arms expenditure.

The latest move comes from  Ambassador Henry F. Cooper, former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, now Missile Defense Agency, writes in the Financial Times, calling on his government to fund defences to counter North Korean missiles.


Government and allied armourers


ambassador henry f cooper

Henry Cooper, Leesburg, VA, US; Former director, Strategic Defense Initiative

In addition to his political and diplomatic credentials, Ambassador Cooper’s background includes a Ph.D. from New York University in mechanical engineering, many technical publications, and appointments such as Senior Vice President of Jaycor (communications), Deputy Director of the Nuclear Weapons Effects Division at R&D Associates, Scientific Advisor at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory, now Phillips Laboratory, in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Chairman of Applied Research Associates.

In Wild West tradition he is also Chairman of the Board of High Frontier, a non-profit, non-partisan educational corporation, formed to examine the potential for defending America against missile attack.

In the FT he writes:

“North Korea’s nuclear-armed ballistic missile quest seriously threatens the security of the US and our allies such as Japan and South Korea. Unless we deal decisively with the consequent ballistic missile threat, our Asian-Pacific allies may build their own nuclear weapons to fill the holes in our nuclear umbrella, turning this nuclear hotspot into a five-alarm fire.

“In addition to building needed defences, we should also modernise our nuclear deterrent of bombers, intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarines, so that North Korea understands that any such strike will be met with an overwhelming counterstrike.

NK weaponry could cause up to 90% of all Americans to perish within a year

“The US should also fully fund ballistic missile defences to protect us from their missiles that already can reach our west coast. With lighter warheads, they might be detonated over the US to produce an electromagnetic pulse that could destroy our electric grid, the loss of which could produce mass starvation for lack of food, water, medicine and so on. In turn, that could cause up to 90% of all Americans to perish within a year”.





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