Secret State – 7: Is there more to fear from phenylbutazone?

Political dismissal of ‘bute’ as harmless in tiny doses rang alarm bells

A search appears to reveal that this substance accumulates to some extent in the human body. It was banned in several countries from its former treatment for human arthritis and gout – see studies including ‘Untoward effects of phenylbutazone (butazolidin)–A re-evaluation’,Irving L. Sperling, a report of cumulative experiences with the administration of phenylbutazone to 590 patients for a variety of rheumatic diseases.

When the writer spoke about bute being cumulative to Hilary, a horse-owner, she said ‘Of course it is!”

The expression ‘zero tolerance policy for residues’ rings further bells; it appears in the same article in Veterinary Medicine Today, 1.3.08, snapshot:


phenylbutazone residues


By chance during the search a paper was seen in the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 1977, ‘Disposition and oxidative metabolism of phenylbutazone in man’ which appears to link bute with radioactivity . . .


phenylbutazone radioactivity


 The writer thought once again: there is still much more to learn about this affair.


By the time the results of the latest testing is known the perpetrators will be long gone and the evidence eaten…


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