‘Political bullies’ ally with corporates to advocate a profitable, stodgy, quick-and-easy GM ‘fix’ for Asia’s poor

golden rice wikiAccording to long-term advocate of genetically modified crops, Robin McKie, in the Observer online, the ‘golden rice’ theory is gaining ground, superseding the ‘GM will feed the world myth’ for the moment.

It is proposed that children should ‘obtain’ Vitamin A by eating GM golden rice, though the vitamin occurs in a wide range of fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese, and eggs, foods which also offer a wide range of other valuable nutrients.

Rianne sent a link to an article by John Vidal, who is not convinced about a technology which benefits only ‘the few’, and writes:

“After tens of billions of dollars of public and private research and development money have been spent by some of the world’s most powerful companies . . . Only a handful of GM food crops such as maize, soy and oilseed rape are grown widely and mostly in only a few countries”. Other points made:

  • the business is in the grip of a few global chemical companies who make their profits mostly from the sale of the chemicals they engineer their seeds to resist;
  • most of the foods are fed to animals, not humans, and no clinical trial of any genetically modified crop has ever been published;
  • toxicity trials are designed and conducted in semi-secret by the companies themselves and the regulators have concentrated on the crops’ environmental effects;
  • any reports of serious illnesses in humans are routinely dismissed as “bad science”.
Vidal concludes that the promoters of the technology have relied on political bullying to give us promises rather than better products. He reproaches the GM industry for offering only more chemicals, more expensive seeds and patents to protect corporates and – more positively – asserts that advances in conventional farming have at least matched and possibly exceeded anything achieved by GM.

The full article may be read here.



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