Media 26: as the drone killing in their name continues, bread and circuses continue to distract and anaesthetise the British public

drone for general use
As the one-day wonder of the Huhne/Pryce circus fades:
  • Mail online turns to two injured shoppers,
  • Telegraph to EU budget cuts,
  • Guardian to EU summit,
  • Times and Independent to horsebeef lasagne.
Media tutored by our special relation?

American Quaker Viola Purvis once told the writer about the media clampdown in 1990 before the first Iraq war:

“Many demonstrated in Winter Park city (Florida) but we thought we were alone as there were no reports of opposition in other cities to this military action and gave up. It was only much later that we found that hundreds of thousands of Americans had demonstrated in many cities. If only we had known the truth we would have continued . . .”

With mobile phones and Twitter this suppression is no longer possible, but the tactic of drowning people in trivia continues

CIA director nominee John Brennan has faced probing questions – with his confirmation potentially hanging in the balance

john brennanMinimal references were made in the mainstream American press to interruptions by protesters which caused the suspension of hearing while the protesters were cleared from the room and Brennan faced continued questions about his views on Bush-era interrogation tactics — which included waterboarding.

Though apparently regarding the subject as less important – or more /disturbing – than the EU summit, The Guardian gave some detail about protests by a group called Code Pink, formed as a reaction to the proposed invasion of Iraq, “a number of women wearing pink clothes, marking them out as members of the high-profile anti-war activist group”.

It reported that several interruptions were made, protesting about linking Brennan’s high-profile advocacy of the use of drones to strike suspected militants abroad, continuing:

“The move prompted committee chair Dianne Feinstein to take the unusual step of halting the hearing, clearing the room and prohibiting Code Pink members from returning to the chamber. But Code Pink’s point had already been made.”

When will US/UK state violence claim the mainstream media’s headlines?



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