The network of vested interest skewing legislation today

The Mail’s ‘hatchet job’ on David Nicholson, the NHS chief executive and former ‘local NHS boss’ responsible for the recently indicted Stafford Hospital, brought to mind JP’s recent suggestion.

The words were “the young wife he fast-tracked.”

The register of members’ interests, in many cases, reveals a whole culture in which substantial employment with multinationals and a potential conflict of interest is the norm.

As JP realises, this register only reveals a fraction of the whole picture. To make all clear, he said, the names of companies employing MPs’ family members should also be recorded.

This would reveal the corporate-political network  of influence skewing legislation today, as the public suffers – not quite so badly as American journalist Christopher Hedges has it – but moving in that direction:


Christopher Hedges verdict

JP had a good idea – but how could a majority of MPs be persuaded to vote for it?


Cameron's real change


Until more public spirited representatives are elected, the general public will continue to endure poor health care, education, transport, sub-standard food, unwanted development, expensive fuel and energy and little or no access to expensive legal redress.

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