Occupy movement: starved of the oxygen of publicity?

Margaret, co-founder of Vested Interest in Politics (“commonsense has been replaced by corporate sense”) writes:

occupy poster“The Occupy Movement has advanced the analysis of globalisation and has also been evolving a new discourse, exposing the malpractices of the bankers and ‘superclass’.

Needless to say, their arguments are not widely broadcast on the mainstream media, and their viewpoints will rarely be heard from the mouths of politicians . . .

Naomi Wolfe found that in the US, a partnership between big banks, the FBI, Homeland Security and local police shared information and violently cracked down on protestors, safeguarding banks rather than citizens. We can deduce from this that the protesters are hitting the mark.

Wolfe asks: ‘why the huge push for counterterrorism…..? It was never really about ‘the terrorists’, it was not even about civil unrest. It was always about this moment, when vast crimes were about to be uncovered by citizens. Occupy was a courageous idea and must have a legacy. We can continue its work . . .

Occupy’s programme is ongoing. Tomorrow at 7pm the Occupy London General Assembly will be held

“The 1% continue to wage their war on the 99% with increasing brutality. Those with the least power to defend themselves are being targeted and hit the hardest. The cuts being forced upon the majority have claimed thousands of lives through suicide, crumbling social programs and poverty. And this is just the beginning.

“What action can we take? How can we act together to demand that enough is enough?

“In this assembly we will discuss a proposal to support a procession of 10,000 disabled people from Trafalgar Square and a memorial service in Parliament Square. A service in honour of the 10,000 lives so far claimed by the Con Dem’s cuts. And finally the delivery of a joint statement condemning this government’s austerity program to Downing Street.

“This would be an unprecedented action between Occupy London, Disabled People Against Cuts, Christianity Uncut and more.

Come and participate!

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