USA, NATO allies & North Korea: stop bragging about missiles and meet basic human needs

NATOWatch_logo2Extracted from the latest NATO Watch Observatory’s Editorial: Sauce for the goose and the gander, written by the Director – Dr Ian Davis:

“In October last year, North Korea drew a stern rebuke from the US State Department for boasting it possessed missiles capable of reaching the mainland United States.

“A State Department spokeswoman said “Rather than bragging about its missile capability, they ought to be feeding their own people”. Pyongyang has a long record of making unsubstantiated assertions about its military capabilities and most experts agree that North Korea remains a long way from having the necessary know-how to develop an ICBM capability or to build warheads small enough to be fitted to such a missile.

“The United States, on the other hand, has 500 launchers and deployed warheads in its ICBM inventory. Clearly, therefore, America wins hands down any bragging rights over long-range missiles. The world’s wealthiest and most heavily armed nation is on more shaky ground, however, when it lectures North Korea on food insecurity.

“According to a coalition of organisations working to end hunger in the United States, 16.7 million American children—nearly one in four—live in households that do not have access to enough nutritious food to lead active, healthy lives.


Leaving British food bank

Leaving British food bank

“Within NATO member states, the US is not alone in suffering food insecurity and growing levels of inequality: Britain has seen a boom in food banks for struggling families. Austerity measures in several other European states are creating similar levels of human and food insecurity.

“In other words, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander: both North Korea and the United States (and NATO allies) should cease making missiles and concentrate on feeding their people.”

And, we would add, maintain a healthy environment and enable constructive work.

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