Britain: conservation and political initiatives are killing my world – not intensive farming

These are the words of JP of mid-Wales.  He observes that the major conservation quangos once had an enviable reputation but now stated goals are “much diluted by those scourges of mankind, wealth power influence and questionable ambition. Men in suits are concerned that exposure of the failure of their habitat policies . . . would cost them dearly in terms of reputation and revenue.

He looks on as the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy attempts to address environmental challenges largely created by their earlier policies.
Since boyhood JP has travelled a Welsh valley road but now, although there has been no intensive farming, woodland and meadow are almost deserted by wildlife . . .

What will the consequences be for the future?

In the words of the poem quoted – the title of his paper of that name – he asks “Where have all the songbirds gone?” The question will be answered in the next two posts.

The next two posts are based on the verbal and written contributions of farmers, commentators and country people:

Britain: a 21st century fantasy land to attract tourists – 2
Britain: a 21st century fantasy land to attract tourists – 3

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