Bad decisions by government – 27: Is the police commissioner exercise a front for corporate advantage?

People with no idea what the role of police commissioner entails and who have not received the leaflets about candidates are unlikely to vote. At the last moment, information sent by a subscriber to the 38 degrees social action group focussed on one potential consequence. Its message says:

“In a few hours private security companies like G4S could be on their way to controlling big parts of West Midlands police. The new police and crime commissioner elections are today and there’s a big danger that pro-privatisation candidates could get in with just a few votes  . . .

“Experts reckon less than one in five people could vote. That means there’s a huge danger that we could end up with commissioners that few people even voted for privatising our police forces.

The message cited the response of West Midlands candidates:

Mike Rumble (Independent):

I have promised from the start of my campaign, that I support in-sourcing not out-sourcing. To make it clear, NO, I do not support privatization of any of the West Midlands Police services. I have also stated my support for the federation and unions and have completed the Unison questionnaire to that effect. My pledges are costed and deliverable, not vote catching sound bites.

I will not allow any privatization, G4S, Serco, Amey or whoever. I do not have any connection with any company that might be interested in police contracts.

Ayoub Khan (LibDems):

No response forwarded to the office

Bill Etheridge (UKIP):

I will never privatise West Midlands Police. That’s a definite promise. I will not allow private companies to have involvement in running the police. I have no involvement or links to any private companies like G4S

Bob Jones (Labour):

1 ) I have consistently voted against the Business partnership for the Police Privatisation process & have committed myself from the start that BPP will end and core policing services will be accountable to the community not to private shareholders.

2) I will totally review procurement arrangements to bring in ethical/international law compliance criteria plus support for local economy re local suppliers & apprentices

3) My only shareholdings are in the Severn Valley railway which has no plans to get involved in Police privatisation. I have no other connections with any business enterprise.

 Cath Hannon (Independent):

Thank you for your e-mail, as your West Midlands PCC I will review processes & procedures across the force area to increase efficiency and provide the public a better standard of service. You can see issues I have raised regarding privatisation at With regard connections to companies that might be interested in West Midlands Police contracts I have none.

Derek Webley (Independent):

I believe a visit to my webpage would help to address the issues raised below and give a more indepth view of my manifesto

Matt Bennett (Conservatives):

No response forwarded to office.

If you don’t live in West Midlands, then you can see the replies for your candidates here:

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