Campaign: remove covert corporate influence from political life – 4: no – the ‘officer class’ has too much to lose

Sir Simon Jenkins clarifies: The truth is that there is one law for the officer class and another for the poor bloody infantry. When experts . . . fail, their fraternity does not criticise or review their work, but treats them as innocent and relieves them of blame:

“If an ordinary worker miscalculates the risk, if trains crash, trees fall, rivers are polluted or foodstuffs rot, he goes to jail. The difference is not in class of error but in class of person”.

The little people pay for the collapse in corporate investment and tax revenues

‘Only the little people pay taxes,” the late American corporate tax evader Leona Helmsley famously declared. Simon Jenkins adds, “That’s certainly the spirit of David Cameron and George Osborne’s Britain”.

He lists cuts:

  • to disability and housing benefits,
  • tax credits
  • and the educational maintenance allowance

There are increases in council tax while NHS waiting lists are lengthening and food banks are mushrooming across the country.

Meanwhile those who benefit from the present system are prospering – another list

The scale of tax avoidance by high-street brand multinationals has now become clear thanks to campaigning groups such as Tax Research UK.

Seumas Milne described “A roll call of corporate rogues who are milking the country”

If all the individuals, groups and organisations were to form a united coalition against corporate/political corruption, there would be a chance of bringing about beneficial change. But if they continue to be divided by personality clashes or the need to compete against each other to acquire funding, only individuals are left – and who has the charisma to make sufficient impact?


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