The political fandango: collude with party-funders, accept their non-exec directorships, conceal their misdeeds and – only when all is revealed – join the media frenzy

Yesterday Peter Hitchens asked about the Jimmy Savile case: “What else are they keeping from you? I now discover that I am almost the only journalist who didn’t know that Jimmy Savile was a child molester.

“If they all knew, why didn’t they tell you? And what, exactly, is the point of the police investigating the misdeeds of a corpse? What will they do if they find a case to answer? Refer it to the CPS? Put his cadaver on trial and send it to prison?Well, let them explain all that.

What’s much, much more important is that you now know that there is a lot going on that nobody tells you.

“They don’t tell you because they’re scared that very rich men can use the libel courts to ruin those who tell the truth about them.”

Sunday Times reporters posed as representatives of arms firms and arranged meetings with former top military figures and recorded them offering their influence and contacts with ministers and in return for six-figure sums.

So does that mean that Sky News and the Sunday Times expose retired military officers because their owners have longer pockets?

Britain often describes other regimes as corrupt but this sort of lobbying for personal profit is endemic in its own medical, political, scientific, military, religious, media and financial sectors.

We are tired of repeating stories of corruption so give a link  for those whose appetite is not yet sated.

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  1. Well said!

    For those who now recognize the depth of the sickness pervading British society (and most post industrial societies) the question arises:

    When are we going to start our own bottom-up ‘people’s movement’ and wrest the power away from the criminal set that control this society?

    See ‘The New Resistance’ You Tube (recent posting)

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