Secret State – 4: the hidden holocaust

Paparazzi decoy

As the media focusses on paparazzi photographs, PCU wonders if this is an attempt to distract attention from the stunned public reaction to the proof that their suspicions about Hillsborough deceptions, practised by the very people employed to uphold law, order and justice, have been verified.

Some are finding the Hillsborough article on this site (August 27th 2011), which ended with questions from Mrs Burkett, seeking the truth behind the death of her son, Peter and 95 other Liverpool football fans at the FA Cup semi-final in 1989. She asked, as many have done:


What are they hiding from us?
Why can’t those minutes and files be released under the Freedom of Information Act now?


Verdict from Moseley: “I think it was just the police covering up their uselessness and the home office colluding with them out of fear of the reaction of the locals.”


Suppression of information extends widely, and not only to police-related matters, or military affairs as recorded by Peter Hennessy in his powerful book: there are thousands of victims affected in this country alone by medical or diagnostic procedures leading to chronic illness, disability or death

A FOI request found that the Office for National Statistics does not centralise the figures but a search on the Audit Commission’s 2001 report found a reference and chart – below. More recent data was not found online.

The USA does record this information online and there is an average estimate by the Institute of Medicine in Dr Barbara Starfield’s paper:

Has the British Secret State issued a ukase about publicising such ‘sensitive’ information which has the potential to lead to compensation claims or reduced profits for party-funding Big Pharma?

Next: Secret State – 5: another set of victims specifically affected by agrochemicals and denied correct diagnosis, treatment and compensation.


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