TPP – 2: One of many actions being taken to address the dangers of increased corporate control

The message about Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), from Iain Keith of Avaaz warns that it is a device to protect investors from government regulation, undermining protections for air and water safety, attacking Internet freedom attack and ‘steamrolling’ efforts to produce generic affordable medicines. Sanctions would be imposed in an international tribunal.

Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Walmart and almost 600 other corporate lobbyists are all in on the final draft — including limits on smoking laws, affordable medicines and free speech on the Net.

His conclusion:

It’s clear this “trade” agreement is skewed to put corporate profit above people’s needs — that’s not surprising since it’s been drafted in secret with almost 600 corporate lobbyists.

They are working to inform and mobilise public opposition to add to Australia’s objection to the international tribunal system and New Zealand’s opposition to the takeover of its medicine-pricing protections that keep drugs affordable.


To this end AVAAZ has mounted a petition:




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