Whistleblowers be very afraid – state & corporate repression is rife and truth-telling on a larger or smaller scale will be punished

And so it goes – as Tariq Ali said yesterday afternoon – damping down dissent from hackers and whistleblowers. Ali sees activism as being under siege – with the attempted extradition of Julian Assange as the latest instance. 

He continued to imagine the reaction if the threat to enter a foreign embassy had been made in Beijing or Moscow . . .  Who cannot understand the fear of Assange after the precedents of forced rendition, Guantanamo Bay, the appalling humiliations inflicted, the condoned torture and long imprisonment without trial? 

Julian Assange performed a public service in revealing the truth of what goes on behind the scenes but it is resented and rejected by those exposed- just as in a less dramatic way, the long procession of whistleblowers who feel they have to reveal abuse or neglect. 

This cartoon is filed in my ‘Humour’ folder but is does depict the alarming attitude to whistleblowers in most countries – it literally shows that the knives are out for whistleblowers – merely for speaking out in the public interest: state & corporate repression.

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