Verdict: the BOI’s recording of Bell Pottinger was in the public interest


PCU thought enough had been said here about this prince of lobbyists – see the eight posts listed below, especially the one asking if the latest revelations would be quickly forgotten and fearing they would.

We can now report their resurrection, due to a ham-fisted move by Bell Pottinger itself, hoping to muzzle the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and those who publish its reports.

Bell Pottinger complained to the Press Complaints Commission – through Carter-Ruck solicitors – that a series of articles produced by the Bureau, published in the Independent last December, had been based on information obtained through subterfuge. The establishment’s PR firm claimed that the material was not of sufficient public interest to merit the Bureau’s undercover investigation.

However the PCC found that there was indeed a ‘broad public interest in exploring the relationship between lobbying and politics’ and that it would not have been possible to obtain details of the techniques used to represent tainted regimes through other means.


PCU’s Bell Pottinger Roll of Dishonour


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The chairman of PR firm Bell Pottinger defends its policy . . .  – February 25th, 2010


David Cameron should make good his promise to monitor and curb such lobbying





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