Welcoming a war criminal back into British politics?

In another searing Media Lens analysis by David Cromwell: The Return Of The King – Tony Blair And The Magically Disappearing Blood the opening question is: 

How many war crimes does a western leader have to commit before he is deemed persona non grata by the corporate media and the establishment? 

Answer: Apparently there is no limit, if we are to judge by the prevailing reaction to Tony Blair’s return to the political stage. 

WEF 2011

On July 11, it was announced that Blair would be ‘contributing ideas and experience’ to Labour leader Ed Miliband’s policy review. He will apparently provide advice on how to ‘maximise’ the economic and sporting legacies of the 2012 London Olympics. 

Murdoch approves 

A recent Times editorial welcomed Blair’s return: “‘Labour is coming together, drawing on its best available talent and starting to get serious again”. (Editorial, ‘A year in politics’, The Times, July 14, 2012).

Rather than repeating other nauseating press comments recorded, readers may read the article here

Peace protestors? Get over it! 

The Guardian’s John Harris describes the crowd of protesters at Blair’s appearance at a Labour fundraising dinner at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium, as ‘obligatory’, and ‘still furious about his role in the Iraq war.’ 

Cromwell sardonically comments: 

“That’s the curious thing about peace protesters; endlessly ‘furious’ about the country being dragged into an illegal war that led to the deaths of around one million people, created four million Iraqi refugees, devastated Iraq’s infrastructure, generated untold suffering and burned obscenely huge sums of public money in times of ‘austerity’ “. 

He quotes Richard Beeston, foreign editor of The Times, in 2009: 

‘All this happened six years ago. Get over it.’ (‘The war went wrong. Not the build-up. Stop obsessing about the legality of invading Iraq. The campaign itself was the real disaster’, The Times, February 26, 2009.) 

‘There can only be one true heir to Tony Blair, and that is Tony Blair II’ ? 

Cromwell asks, “Could the vanguard of British liberal journalism really be making an editorial call for the return of Blair? It shouldn’t be a total surprise. Recall that even in the wake of the supreme international crime of invading Iraq, the Guardian still called for its readership to re-elect Blair at the 2005 general election . . . 

Or, ‘Tony Blair is no wrongly dishonoured prophet but a pariah in his own land’? 

“In contrast, Independent columnist Matthew Norman made clear his disdain for Blair:

‘Tony Blair is no wrongly dishonoured prophet but a pariah in his own land. He is a pariah because he colluded in an act of abundant wickedness, and untold hundreds of thousands died and millions more suffered monstrously in consequence’ . . . 

But a glaring omission is any call for Blair and his accomplices to stand trial in The Hague and face charges of war crimes 

Blair is protected by ‘fierce opposition in Whitehall’: 

  • key documents relating to the invasion of Iraq, notably records including those relating to MI6, GCHQ and discussions between Blair and Bush have not been disclosed; 
  • therefore the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war will now not publish its report until sometime in 2013 

This, because former Cabinet Secretary Lord O’Donnell is reported to have told Chilcot that releasing Blair’s notes would damage Britain’s relations with the US and would not be in the public interest. 

Key to British politics? “This is code for ‘the establishment must protect itself’ “.

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