The underlying question: will more billions be wasted?

Government wastes Billions of our Money!

Just as the headlines featured Treasury minister David Gauke, focussing on the relatively small amounts lost to the Treasury by ‘cash in hand’ payments – minute compared with losses due to tax avoidance – PCU received a research paper commissioned by the South Northants Action Group. Its findings: Government wastes Billions of our Money!  

Peter Deeley and Andrew Bodman explain in the introduction that significant projects initiated by government in the last ten years which might be deemed failures were investigated. The projects selected wwere those which cost hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money and which, at the time of deciding to proceed, there was evidence to suggest that they were likely to be flawed. 

The report’s intention is to introduce some accountability into decisions made by MPs because, though in industry senior individuals can be fired for making major mistakes, such accountability rarely exists in the political world. 

The first part of the report lists ten projects that met their criteria and the total of taxpayers’ money spent on these projects which have failed to deliver what was originally proposed is estimated to exceed 33 billion pounds. 

Permission has been granted to place this informative and disturbing report on a page on the PCU site, here.


26 July 2012:  The HS2 Alliance website reports that the Court today set the timetable on the case against High Speed 2 (HS2). The judge agreed that the five cases against HS2 will all be heard and sets the date for the hearings; he caps the opposition’s costs and he opens the door to further amendments to the claims.


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