Engineer on BBC WM radio: Government should set example on pensions and pay cuts


On Adrian Goldberg’s BBC WM radio programme today an engineer called in to say that Government should set an example to doctors, and indeed the nation.

They should start making contributions to their index-linked pensions as ‘ordinary people’ do, should take pay cuts before asking others to do so.

 Are MPs’ pensions are not even taxed? 

It was said that the Taxpayers Alliance has discovered that MPs’ pensions are not even taxed! Seeking more information I found in the Telegraph (4.4.09): 

George Bull, a partner at accountants Baker Tilly, pointed out that politicians also enjoy risk-free final salary pensions, where subsidies from taxpayers are rising after the Government Actuary’s Department disclosed a £50m shortfall this week. Mr Bull said: “The big earners for MPs are property and pensions. The problem with pensions is that the MPs work to their own special rules with generous index-linked pensions and tax-free gratuities when they retire or are voted out. The rest of us have to make our own pension provision.” 

Lead by example!

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