Population change? Regime change is difficult, so . . .

In this country,  politicians/corporates have often turned to education in the form of stage-managed consultations about controversial issues such as genetically modified crops and nuclear power. 

In Clare Short’s time, one DFID series actually had the minutes/findings of the workshops written in advance. 

The chairman and chief executive of Enron International, Rebecca Mark, disclosed that she had spent a substantial sum in India ‘educating’ the people, but refused to say who received the money.

 Robert Shrimsley jokes that it is now time to replace the existing population with a technocratic electorate: 

“EU commissioners are surely working on the details now. It won’t be easy. The Greeks have lived in Greece for some time and there is bound to be some resistance. But by putting their own interests before the European project, they have shown themselves unfit for office. 

“There will be some dispute over whether it is necessary to sack the entire population or just enough to ensure a working majority in elections. 

“Chancellor Merkel is understood to have offered to do whatever is necessary to make this plan work – and is ready to redesignate up to 11m Germans as Greek nationals to ensure a smooth handover. 

“They will not need to live in Greece but will be offered holiday homes and depicted as the heirs to Sparta, returning to restore frugality, greatness and dedication to the single currency. On arrival they will flock into Athens waving banners, secretly prepared in German factories, demanding “more cuts” and “fiscal compact now”.” 

Stymied by recalcitrant populations that refuse to commit mass suicide 

R. Vijayaraghavan adds that “Population change” has now entered the political lexicon, in addition to “regime change”.  

Hopefully tongue in cheek, he commends Robert Shrimsley’s FT “Sack the people” for showing the way for the neo-imperialists to help their puppet prime ministers or presidents in other countries, who are “constantly being stymied by recalcitrant populations that refuse to commit mass suicide.”


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