Britain for sale: 2 – cheaply, to corporates?

After the prospect of the further loss of control of air traffic was aired in an earlier post, readers added the railways to privatised water and energy as vitally important sectors now largely in foreign hands. Changes in the health and education systems were described by one person as privatisation by the back door. 

Another cunning plan springs a leak! 

Reports that road privatisation is to ‘roar ahead’ then came to mind: (“Lease roads to private sector, says Cameron”, March 19). In the Financial Times, James Maguire mocked the prime minister’s belief that the water industry – privatised by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s – offers a ‘template’ for Britain’s motorways and roads, which would become regulated utilities with reliable income streams: 

“Surely he cannot have missed the recent declaration of drought conditions in southern Britain and the imminent hosepipe ban coming into effect in early April. It would appear that water companies have not invested sufficiently in storage capacity since privatisation. Another cunning plan springs a leak!” 

Did institutional checks fail? 

India’s comptroller and auditor general has reported that its government has sold state coal assets too cheaply to some of the country’s top industrialists, who have refused to comment. 

The government “is looting the country”, said Prakash Javadekar, a BJP spokesman. “We can’t allow this to happen.” 

Have successive governments looted Britain?

Road privatisation is the latest step in the stripping of Britain’s assets according to John Harris in the Guardian – all part of “the great British garage sale”.


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