Why is Lesley Docksey in the business of ‘offending public taste’?

War’s Remains 


Oh mother, I am off to war

And glory shall I win!

Oh son, my son, what have you done,

What grief you’ve put me in.

Oh girl, my love, you’ll wait for me

Until I’m done with fighting?

And I’ll be back one eventide

When candles you’re a-lighting.

Waiting is a bitter time,

And hopes, they keep retreating.

And he who left so valiantly

Was not who came to meeting.

Oh mother, wheel me through the door,

For I’ve no legs for walking.

I cannot tell you of my war

For I’ve no tongue for talking.

Oh mother, I would sing a song

But I’ve no lungs for singing.

What have I done, what have I done?

Oh see the grief I’m bringing!

Oh girl, my love, I’d hold you close

But I’ve no arms for holding,

And oh, I’d fold you to my breast

But I’ve no hands for folding.

I hear the pity in your voice,

And I’ve no eyes for crying.

I’ve nothing left but memories,

My killing, people dying.


I’d buy you flowers and a ring,

But I’ve no hands for giving.

Oh leave me here and let me die

For I’ve no heart for living.

© Lesley Docksey 21/03/12


She explained: 

If we could really make people face what war does, the damage it causes, they would be more prepared to join us in stopping war. As it is, the public is encouraged to support efforts to combat ‘terrorists’, every soldier that dies is called a ‘hero’ and the politicians (and of course big business) try to keep this sort of thing out of view. 

The BBC won’t air any graphic footage because ‘it offends public taste’. When was war ever tasteful? So, until we get listened to, I guess I’m in the business of offending public taste.

Lesley edits and contributes to Abolish War. See her latest article here.


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