Vitally important food producers speak truth to political power: correcting institutional press releases

DEFRA and the Ministry for Agriculture

The message arable farmer Harry Johnson, chairman of the NFU’s West Midlands regional board, has been giving for a few years now should be heeded by DEFRA and the Ministry for Agriculture: 

“We’ve heard a lot about sustainability, we’ve heard a lot about competitiveness, but one thing we’ve not heard about – and it really worries me – is profitability.”


The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture, the Budget Commissioners and the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland 

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and the Budget Commissioners office were of the opinion that agriculture Europe PLC was ticking along nicely, with the last income crisis being the low milk prices of 2008/9. 

This misapprehension has been corrected by representations from Farmers for Fairness in Europe, as spokesman William Taylor met the them – and later the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland – quoting the horrific accident statistics mirrored across Europe, not forgetting suicides in agricultural particularly in France, running at 300+ farmers per annum, due – in several sectors, notably dairy –  to unfair trade: the stress of receiving only prices which do not cover production and living costs. 

Ensure food security and fair dealing: forgetting lip-service and rhetoric, extend Fairtrade principles to British and other European food producers.

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