Media 15 – calculated to depress or deprave

What is the hidden agenda of the Daily Mail? 

Can it really be just to sell papers? 

And if it is, what does that say about its readers? 

This one scans the paper’s headlines every day for leads to news relevant to the concerns of this website, but it’s getting harder to face each time.

 On March 9th, the diet included the Nigerian hostage execution, the gleeful thieving of a charity shop volunteer, assassination in Kenya, teenage death by overdose, benefit swindles, murder, so-called honour killing, TV porn, sadism, mutilation and arson. 

Then, only marred by its flippant title, came one of their occasional outstanding reports – placed near the end of the online edition – on the three-year restoration of the Stabian Baths in Pompeii, which can be seen here.

Despite this jewel, on the whole the output of this paper is – as Scottish common law has it – material ‘calculated to deprave or corrupt persons open to depraving or corrupting’. 

Do such papers play a significant part in influencing readers ‘open’ to corruption to make their news? 

Remedy: scroll rapidly down to the end, then open eyes in the hope of another superb contribution, without suffering news which depicts a monstrous world, quite different from our largely kind and decent everyday experience.


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