The Secret State 3: closing ranks on the death of Hilda Murrell? Yet another cause for British shame?

hilda murrellToday we were sent news of a recently published book about Hilda Murrell’s murder from a reader in Small Heath, who wrote: “She looks like a feisty lady and got same fate as Dr Kelly… how cowardly: murdered as perpetrators couldn’t or wouldn’t defend themselves in a court of law!”

The author, former Royal Navy Commander Robert Green, was the nephew of Hilda Murrell, a noted English rose grower turned anti-nuclear campaigner, who was found dead outside her home town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

At 78, she had just gained approval to testify at the first British planning inquiry into a new nuclear power plant at Sizewell, Suffolk. The Hilda Murrell website records that in 1978, she wrote a paper entitled “What Price Nuclear Power?” in which she challenged the economics of the civil nuclear industry.

After the 1979 US accident at Three Mile Island, she turned her attention to safety aspects, and homed in on the problem of radioactive waste, the disposal of which she concluded was the industry’s Achilles heel. In 1982, the Department of the Environment published a white paper (Cmnd 8607) on the British Government’s policy on radioactive waste management. Hilda, now in her late 70s, wrote a critique of it, which she developed into her submission “An Ordinary Citizen’s View of Radioactive Waste Management” to the first formal planning inquiry into a nuclear power plant in Britain, the Sizewell B Pressurised Water Reactor in Suffolk.

robert greenAnother strand in the affair, summarised in the website, is that British intelligence was investigating the source of top secret information leaked to MP Tam Dalyell and suspected Commander Green [opposite], who was in the Northwood command bunker working as Staff Officer (Intelligence). Dalyell alleged in Parliament that British intelligence agents had been ordered to search Hilda’s house for secret documents relating to the sinking which Green might have given to her for safekeeping, and that Hilda had returned home unexpectedly leading to the need to silence her.

The police theory was that a lone, panicking burglar robbed and abducted Hilda in her own car for petty cash and in 2005 Andrew George was convicted of Hilda’s murder.  Robert Green – who has visited George in prison – disagrees: “There is evidence that Andrew George was in Hilda’s house; however, he could not drive and did not match the description of the driver of her car”.

Do British state security authorities fear what might be revealed about this case and that of David Kelly? 

Green adds: “Since the trial, which I sat through, I have found evidence that would have acquitted him, and that others were involved. Meanwhile, break-ins to my home in New Zealand and continuing interference with my phone and mail suggest that the British state security authorities fear what I might reveal about the case.”– 

Readers who wish to know more may order his book, A Thorn in their Side, online here.


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