An admirable politician – Salma Yaqoob

This site often carries depressing news about politicians who are guided by less than honourable motives, so it is refreshing change to be able to applaud one wholeheartedly. 

News broke today that the principled and eloquent Salma Yaqoob, the leader of Respect Party and councillor for Sparkbrook in Birmingham, is to step down because of ill health.

It is a relief to hear that she will be able to continue as Respect party leader and campaign on issues about which she feels strongly, such as the Stop The War Coalition. 

Readers of this site will not be surprised to hear her comment on political life reported in the Birmingham Post

“I did not like politics, but I was sick of seeing politicians of all parties concentrate all their energies on elections and then forgetting the people who voted for them . . . I do not like mainstream politics that does not accurately reflect the concerns of many of the residents of inner city Birmingham.” 

She was approached by Labour and offered a choice of two safe seats – one in Birmingham and one in the Black Country – which, as she said, would have been a good career move. Instead she chose to remain free to speak her mind and not be trammelled – presumably by party whips.  

As the editor of the Birmingham Mail said, the city’s politics will now be the poorer.



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