Is Geoff Hoon’s new appointment a further indication of political corruption?

Campaign group Transparency International yesterday warned about the risks a minister might favour a company ‘with a view to ingratiating himself with that company and thus opening up a path to future employment’. 

These words came to mind on reading that former Cabinet minister Geoff Hoon is to become AgustaWestland’s executive senior vice-president of international business, responsible for sales of helicopters outside the UK and Italy.


He was Defence Secretary when AgustaWestland was awarded a £1.7billion contract and in the eyes of many this appointment is evidence that he successfully ‘ingratiated’ himself with the firm.


Hoon left his position with Nato last year after being seen on film telling undercover journalists posing as representatives of a lobbying/PR company, that his experience as a minister would help ‘open doors’ for firms wanting to lobby government.


How encouraging for others who might wish to benefit financially from their position of trust.


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