Bad decisions by government – 11c: permitting toxic chemicals in the home, in aeroplanes, in agriculture and in warfare

Earlier the plight of organophosphate [OP] poisoned farmers and soldiers was posted on this site but others have also suffered.

Poison_icon-150x150Other campaigns include those mounted about the ill-effects of the use of organochlorine compounds in cat and dog flea collars – children being particularly susceptible, the damage done to the health of pilots by organophosphorus compounds used as additives in lubricating oil used in aircraft engines and campaigns by those presenting evidence linking OPs with the BSE epidemic.

China leads the way

Five organophosphate insecticides were banned for agricultural use in China from January 1st 2007. The phase-out programme for the “high-toxicity” insecticides began in 2002. 

Influential industries want to continue using organophosphates and – like government – fear the massive compensation bills that could follow any admission of damage done.

The airline industry

john hoyteFormer pilot John Hoyte, Chairman of the Aerotoxic Association, who has personally experienced the devastating effects of Aerotoxic Syndrome, writes ”We believe it is the air travel dimension of OPs that is keeping it from being admitted – millions of people being daily exposed and getting ‘jetlag’.” Peter Julu, a consultant neurophysiologist at the Breakspear clinic in Hertfordshire, said his tests on pilots with memory loss leave no doubt that they were poisoned by fumes in the air used to pressurise cabins.

GM companies 

OP-affected farmer Brenda Sutcliffe adds that Monsanto will oppose any move against the use of OPs, as the active ingredient in their weedkiller Roundup is glyphosate, an organophosphorus compound.

Arms industry

chemical weapons coloradoChemical weapons stored on Colorado site

Richard Bruce wonders if the real danger of OPs is hidden so that the production lines of agrochemical plants would be available in the event of war . . .

His surmise that such chemicals are still valued as weapons is confirmed by the report in the journal ‘Toxicology’ [Volume 233, Issues 1-3] that research into antidote development and testing, particularly with respect to organophosphorus (OP) nerve agents, was on the agenda of the Tenth International Medical Chemical Defence Conference (MCDC) 2006 “New Strategies in Medical Protection Against Organophosphorus Compounds” Bundeswehr Medical Academy Munich, Germany 26th to 27th April 2006

China has taken the first step – when will the UK government start to withdraw organophosphorus compounds from circulation?


From Lancashire:

I’m not sure about the “China leads the way” bit.   Not had chance to check them all but I expect those now banned in China were already banned in the EU.  China still uses plenty including Chlorpyrifos.


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